Mad King Thomas meets San Francisco, June 2012: Workshops and Shows

Mad King Thomas is delighted to be performing and teaching workshops in San Francisco June 23-30!

 First, as part of the National Queer Arts Festival and Verge3:

All-Stars 3
along with Sara Yassky and Rodrigo Caldera
at The Garage 715 Bryant Street
Saturdays June 23 and June 30
$10 with code "mad king thomas" on brownpapertickets or $15 at the door. 
The World is Your Oyster, Eat Up, Little Pearl is a dance in which a god-like mermaid, a gender-confused ballerina, and a giant slutty trash bag share their beautiful broken queer family and delve into self-determination, sexuality, and rule-breaking. Armed with penis jokes and sparkles, Mad King Thomas deliver "a brilliant and beautiful fugue of dark humor, despair, and resigned absurdity" (Twin Cities Daily Planet).
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Next: a couple of workshops!

"A is for Authority, A is for Anarchy, A is for Alive"
Monday, June 25 from 6-9pm
at The Garage, 715 Bryant Street, San Francisco
Sliding scale $1-25

This is a process-based workshop by Mad King Thomas for dancers, performance-makers and thinkers of all stripes. As a group, we’ll investigate questions of authority, authorship and subversion: What does it mean to make? How do we give and take authority over our work? How do we borrow, and what do we claim? What is the value of chaos? How can we subvert authority? How can performance be revolutionary (on a societal or personal scale)? Come with questions you’re interested in and we’ll find ways to answer them together.
The workshop will involve movement, writing, improvisation, discussion, and experimentation.  Participants of all backgrounds and levels welcome. Please wear movement-friendly clothing and bring something to write with and on.
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"Making Things More Awesome"
Saturday, June 30 from noon-3pm
at The Garage, 715 Bryant Street, San Francisco
Sliding scale $1-25
This workshop investigates embodiment and intellectualism (aka embraininess, aka thinking about stuff) in this workshop for dancers, choreographers, performers, and art-makers. Predicated on Mad King Thomas' flippant (but earnest) mission statement, "Making things more awesome," this workshop asks: What is the stuff of life? How do we transform it into the stuff of performance? How can we make art that works, not in a bringing-home-the-bacon, capitalist way, but in a way that subverts the status quo and makes the world more as we want it? How can we use our bodies, the vehicles of everyday existence, to make that same everyday existence even better? We will focus on the body as an intelligent being and the mind as an articulate and engaged part of dance-making. Participants should expect to move, speak, write and improvise. Movers and makers of all experience levels and styles welcome.
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