Miami, here we come!

Friends! We are going to Miami, and we are looking for housing! We are so super flexible but we are not so super rich. So, we're putting our flexibility to work and hoping you can help us. 

If you know someone in Miami, we'd super appreciate if you could pass along this information.  We won't infect their home with glitter (unless they want us to)! 

What we’re looking for: 

A place in Miami to call home for October 18 through November 10.

There are many permutations of how this could work: 1 place for all 3 of us, 3 different places for each of us, staying the whole time, or just a week and then moving on to a new home. 

Access to the Wynwood neighborhood

We are all bicycle commuters and plan to get around by bike. We’d like to be within a reasonable commuting distance of the Inkub8 studio (5ish mile-radius?) or have access to bus-lines.

What might work:

  • Pure unadulterated generosity: if you have a guest room (or 3 guest rooms!) and would be willing to host 1-3 of us, for all or part of the time, we would be incredibly grateful. We are respectful, non-smoking house-guests with a busy schedule.
  • Subletting: if you know of a cheap apartment or room(s) in a house, we have a small budget we can devote to this.
  • Good old-fashioned exchange! Know of anyone who needs pet-sitting? We would happily water your plants and take care of cats, dogs, fish, iguanas, and any other pet-like creatures (not including babies) in exchange for a place to stay.
  • House-swap! Perhaps you have always had a burning desire to come to Minneapolis? Thriving arts scene, biking haven, land of many lakes and bitter winters! Perhaps you would be willing to host us now, and we can host you in Minneapolis at the time of your choice. (Just not January or February. Trust us.)
  • Arts-specific residency swap: Maybe you’re a dance-maker wishing for a residency of your own. Maybe you feel slightly spontaneous and want to have that residency in Minneapolis and literally swap spaces with us for Oct. 18-Nov 10. We can arrange an ad hoc residency by connecting you with various members of the Twin Cities dance scene, subsidizing rehearsal space, and maybe even hooking you up with performance opportunities. You stay in our home, we stay in yours. The only caveat is that we have 2 cats, so the whole deal is predicated on not having cat allergies.
  • Some other genius idea you just thought up… especially if you’re a genius, because then we’d really like to meet you.

Feel free to e-mail us at madkingthomas at, ask us any questions, make any suggestions, request references, or make friends.