I want these shoes

Sometimes I love the superficial.  I get off on aesthetics, adore the decorative.  I revel in excess, swim in color and pattern, and go on marathons with texture.  Hours of life spent beyond pleasantly in unnecessary dialogue with form.  There is an intensity and a delight in this for me that is deeply satisfying and somehow meaningful.  Sometimes the superficial seems to carry import.

Other times things happen and the superficial just seems superficial. 

Anyway, I love these shoes:

Holy whoa amazing, no?  Death, glamour, violence, unicorns. A golden pistol and pearls.  A piece of devilry.  Shall I taxidermy it for you?

They are called "Gun Hoofs" and by Iris Schieferstein whose work is creepy and provocative and sometimes very beautiful.

Guys, I am size 7.5. Pretty please.