30 Days of Biking

Do you know 30daysofbiking? It's a bunch of people trying to ride their bikes every day for the month of April.  It starts tomorrow! Because April starts tomorrow!

A big part of rehearsal last night was dedicated to figuring out where and how bikes fit into our show, because maybe not everyone in the universe thinks of the bike as the Great Liberator! But some people do!  Right? When's the last time you rode a bike? How was it? Seriously, I'm curious.

pretty bike.


The last time I rode a bike

The last time I rode a bike was the week I left Columbia, almost a year ago, and it kills me. I miss it so much. I hope you all spread the word of the Great Liberator!


The great smoggy metropolis

Man, does ANYONE ride bicycles in your next of the woods?  I assume pretty much no.

I'd say it sounds like a hard city to live in, but, on the other hand, you do get to look at the ocean. And um, winter.


A couple days ago, not yesterday -- or even the first of April -- but it was back in March when it was warm before it got winter again. I did ride once or twice in the early winter and my bike hated me for it.

Now I need to get it pampered so it will carry me without doing that funky stiff chain skip thing.

It was great. But not as great as that first bike ride of real spring when the weather is wrm and bright enough to make you feel like you're god and everyone else (that's not on a bike) is like, what, a rock or something. And they were okay, you know, and like, good and all, but still: what would you rather be: a rock? or GOD!

Charles "I can't remember my password to log into this site and I erased all my cookies" Campbell

Hahahaha...I love this: What

Hahahaha...I love this: What would you rather be: a rock? or GOD!  Now I have words for what I think when I'm doing my blissed out spring riding. 

Hahaha, now I have to wonder

Hahaha, now I have to wonder if this is a universal biker emotion, because I totally know that feeling too, and couldn't have expressed it better myself. Benighted mortals, look what you've given up!


People do actually ride bikes out here. I don't think it's easy, and there aren't a ton of them, but it's not impossible. The problem is that the city is so spread out. My 25-mile commute isn't exactly practical biking-wise.

- Ryan