More Dance Musings - maybe for 9x22?

I have been thinking a lot about dance as a liberatory practice. I know this stems in part from my involvement with Don’t You Feel It Too?, a dance practice which touches on a lot of things, including personal liberation and social healing. (Summer sessions last week, in fact, and the next one is today! See you there?)

Fond Reminiscing

One of the most fun things about this show is that it is not only a chance to reminisce, but it’s actually an imperative part of the process. We’ve mentally gone through the last ten years of dances (and soon we’ll be going over the video footage as well!), imagining what will translate well (or strangely) onto new casts, what feels important not to miss, what we can excerpt, and how to represent the arc of that decade.

An Idle Suggestion

So, I’ve been making little sacrifices at the altar of the gods of kickstarter. I haven’t killed any lambs or anything, but I figure a few chocolate bars and copious entrepreneurial moisture (alternating sweat and tears) counts for a lot.

I’ve realized that while worshiping mystical crowdfunding has its own charm, it might be more effective to share my secret hope to the world, where actual people can help me achieve it.

Feelings, Facebook, and Fabulous T-shirts: a Mad King Thomas Kickstarter Story

It’s wildly official: Mad King Thomas’ 10th Anniversary kickstarter is up and running! Curious to see it for yourself instead of reading about my feels? Check it out here.

Art, Anger, and the Choreography of Protest

Over the past few months I’ve been thinking a lot about anger and the place of art and activism. I was feeling feeling angry and tired and demoralized. No big surprise. (See Mike Brown. See Eric Garner. See the list of names that haven’t been as publicized. See the non-indictment of police officers in the murders of black, brown and indigenous people. See America.) I feel the kind of frustration that comes from still having hope but not having belief. The stagnation of anger without action, and the sense that action will not amount to anything.

The King is Dead! Long Live the King!

Well, word is getting out and the rumors are starting to fly: “Mad King Thomas is breaking up.” “Mad King Thomas is over.” “Mad King Thomas has died.”


Dear Dance Community:

Have you heard? LIGHTSEY DARST HAS LEFT MINNEAPOLIS. And by left, I mean, moved away, packed up and gone, high-tailed it out of here, vamoosed, shaboomed, no longer at this address, goodbye, adios, hasta la vista baby, doesn’t live here anymore.

Commence crying.

Business Time!

So now that Mad King Thomas is done (not really) with the telephone dances, (and by 'not really' I mean, the exhibit has been taken down, but we still have about a half a zillion phone calls to return), you may be asking yourself (and by 'you' I mean all of the internet, and by 'yourself' I mean the series of tubes that make up the Internet), "HOLY CRAP GUYS, WHAT IS NEXT????"

Rape Jokes and what's funny

Okay, I know I'm a few weeks behind here, and that this is old news, but I can't stop thinking about rape jokes.

Okay, I know this is like years old news. I was telling someone about the Daniel Tosh incident and she was genuinely confused, saying, "Didn't that happen a couple of years ago?" Why yes, yes, I'm sure it did. Some other dude, some other rape joke. But it's still happening, so forgive me for still caring.

A collection of paragraphs

Summer is making me crabby. Thank god it rained today, or I might have melted, and I don't mean just physically, in a puddle of fleshy goo. I mean stretched to a taffy-like mental state of existential Salvador-Dali angst.

I'm desperate to be understood. And I'm so tired of wanting to make meaning. I've been thinking about a lot of things. Too many things to catalog. I can't write coherently so I don't write at all. I'm bored with all or none.