We blew by Halfway There. By which I mean: you guys rock.

I was supposed to do a post about crossing the halfway mark in our Kickstarter yesterday, but here comes today and we are less then $1000 away from our goal.



Some things are hard to grasp

Some things are hard to grasp. It’s taken me a while to realize this. As a rule, I walk through the world with the belief that whatever it is, I can understand it. I like this arrogance – it is challenging and comforting, and most of the time it is accurate. But despite frequent accuracy, it turns out that arrogance is arrogance, and, as much as it can push capacity, it can also obscure the truth. And the truth is that there are some things that I fail to understand, even as I experience them.

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Premium White Morsels

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This I wrote in early July 2011 but didn’t post. Here it is now in honor of Tara who will heal beautifully.

I stepped in the pothole of extreme ligamental destruction one year and 8 months ago.

I haven’t run, really, for twenty months. I haven’t jumped for twenty months. I haven’t danced fully, I haven’t hiked. I’ve done a lot of physical therapy, some 16 months of it. Nearly two babies worth. And my ankle still isn’t mine again, isn’t whole again and I am so fucking tired. I ready to be done with this. I am not interested in healing, I am interested in healed. Fixed. Perfect. Strong.

Re: Government shutdown. Love Hennepin County Economic Assist.


At the time we mailed this notice [June 12, 2011], the state did not have an approved budget. This is information about what may happen to your benefits if state government shuts down on July 1, 2011.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR HEALTH CARE BENEFITS. Without a state budget, we may not be able to pay for all health care services. You may have trouble getting health care serviece.

I want these shoes

Sometimes I love the superficial.  I get off on aesthetics, adore the decorative.  I revel in excess, swim in color and pattern, and go on marathons with texture.  Hours of life spent beyond pleasantly in unnecessary dialogue with form.  There is an intensity and a delight in this for me that is deeply satisfying and somehow meaningful.  Sometimes the superficial seems to carry import.

Other times things happen and the superficial just seems superficial. 

Apparently it is my turn for angst

Um... I haven’t written in a while. I blame Israel and the fact that I was there for three weeks. Now I am back and I’ve been home nearly two weeks so I really don’t have an excuse anymore.

So let’s grab the bull by the horns.

I think it is awesome for Mad King Thomas to be blogging, I am not sure about doing it myself.

I wrote this two weeks ago

Sometimes I think the world is too much. Too wrong, too broken, too full of things I can’t fix but can’t forget.

This January has been rough for people. It is cold and it is dark. My friends, a lot of them, are sad. My brother is sad. My step-father is sad. If I spend too much time thinking I get sad too.


Yesterday, the Moscow airport was bombed. 34 people were killed and 168 were wounded. Doku Umarov, a rebel leader, claimed responsibility. He said, "the war will come to your streets and you will feel it in your own lives and on your own skin."

This summer Russia was on fire. The forest was on fire and the peat bogs were on fire. And they had record heatwaves and people were dying from the heat, and from drowning.

I went to Russia in August, but it was not bad where I was.

A toe in, I guess


Theresa and Tara have spent the last two weeks splashing around this blog like fish in water, and I’ve been standing around mumbling things about how I just ate, and cramps, and also I don’t think I believe in water.


Turns out water exists guys.


Water: actually real. This water lives in Oregon.